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Ergo-Style Fingertip Moistener, 1.5 oz, White

7.15 $

  • Ergo-style container is canted toward you for easy access
  • Convex product exposes more of the surface
  • Hygienic Sortkwik® contains anti-microbial ingredient

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Fingertip moistener offers an easy-access convex shape so it is easy to apply. Ergonomic design provides a positive nonslip grip for handling paper or currency and improves speed and accuracy when counting, filing, collating and sorting. Fingertip moistener is hygienic, nontoxic, odorless and nonstaining. It also contains a patented antimicrobial ingredient. The formula will not stain skin, paper or fabric. Eco-friendly container is made from 100 percent, Ingeo brand, bio-based plastic that is plant-derived.

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