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Xtech 500VA Battery Backup

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Xtech UPS 500VA Battery Backup 8-Outlets 110V

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Highlights Uninterruptible power supply wiith line interactive topology Four (4) outlets with battery back-up and four (4) surge-only outlets Emergency backup power supply Specifications Capacity: 500VA/250W Topology: Interactive Nominal voltage: 115V Voltage range: 75-144VAC Frequency: 50/60Hz (autosensing) AC plug style: NEMA 5-15P Nominal voltage: 115V Frequency: 50/60Hz Frequency stability: 50/60Hz ± 1Hz Waveform: Modified sine wave Total outlets: 8 (NEMA 5-15R) Battery backup: 4 surge protection outlets / AVR Surge protection only outlets : 4 surge protection only outlets Battery type and quantity: One 12V 4Ah cell Backup time: 7 minutes Recharge time: Recharges back to 90% of its capacity within 5 hours in line mode High cutoff : 140-148V Buck: 120-128V Boost 1: 98-106V Boost 2: 84-92V Low cutoff : 70-78V Typical transfer time: <6ms max="" li=""> Visual indicators: Normal AC input: blue LED light Battery back-up: red LED light Audible alarm: Battery mode: beeps twice every 8 seconds Low battery: beeps four times every second Overload and fault: beeps continuously Full protection: Line mode: 120% ± 10%, shuts down after 4 seconds and transfers to fault mode 0: Battery mode: 100% ± 10%, audible warning, will shut down after one minute, and then transfer to fault mode Power switch: Yes Cord length: 3.2ft Dimensions: 8.2×5.1×3.8in Weight: 8.8lb

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