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Forza – UPS 500VA- 250W Battery Backup, Surge Protector- Uninterruptible Power Supply- 6 Outlets

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What are the benefits of a UPS? Avoid Data Loss- if the power goes out unexpectedly while you are in the middle of working on something important on your computer there is the potential for significant data loss unless you have recently saved everything you were working on. A UPS notifies when you are running on battery power allowing time to save and correctly shut down the system. Reduced Down Time- if you’re working from home or running a business the down time associated with power loss could potentially result in financial loss. The UPS is only a stop gap but can provide around 30 minutes of power with using a PC. Additional Equipment Protection- by protecting against random power anomalies, your equipment that is plugged in to the UPS will be typically protected from unexpected power surges, voltage spikes and brownouts. Forza’s NT series is designed to provide electric protection for your personal computer and peripherals. WIth its compact size, the unit is ideal for small work spaces at the office or at home. Although small in size, it provides the maximum protection against the constant threat of electrical supply outages. Uninterruptible Power System Highlights: -Power protection for home and office equipment -Automatic voltage regulator -Boost and buck AVR to stabilize voltage -6 outlets with surge protection, battery back up and -Voltage regulation -Phone, Fax & modem protection (RJ-11)

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UPS-Uninterruptible Power Supply-500VA 250W -6 outlets of protection & phone, fax protection
Protection Level 5- Breaker, Surge protection, Voltage protection, Voltage regulator, Power Backup
4 outlets with Surge protection, battery back up and voltage regulation. 2 outlets Surge-only prot
Recharge time 6 hrs to 90% after complete discharge
Ideal for Home or Office with audible alarms announcing power loss.

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