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iPad Mini Leather Case

28.50 $

  • Specifically designed and made for iPad Mini with Retina Display
  • Premium PU Smart Cover, auto sleep and wake up function
  • The iPad Mini 2 Tablet charging port, buttons, and speakers are exposed for easy access while being protected by the case.
  • This shock-resistant case is made with environmentally friendly, high-quality, flexible PU and has easy snap on/snap off functions.
  • The microfiber interior lining offers scratch and dust protection as well as anti-slip protection when rolling back the cover in multiple view positions.

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This cover case is able to give all dimensional protection to your tablet, no matter its back, front or its sides. It is specially made for iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display to protect it from scratches, dirt, oil and other damage.It will free you from the worry that your tablet would be broken if it falls down or bumps against some hard items and enable you to enjoy your tablet freely and happily. It is also can be used as a stand to hold your tablet to free you from tiredness of holding it with your hand.
*Slim folio flip cover design for iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display to protect the screen
*Inside the case is a microfiber lining that provide the great protection to your tablet screen
*Great fold stand design make it easier to stand up
*Act as a stand for multiple viewing angles. Allows you to prop the tablet horizontally
*Hard Case Cover gives you tablet a safe protection
*Fabric cloth Soft Inner protect your tablet from scratch

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