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AllMax AAA Battery (Single)

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Do NOT charge or recharge the batteries. Do NOT install backwards (+ and -), disassemble or deform. Do NOT expose to heat or dispose of in fire. Do NOT mix used and new batteries or batteries of different brand and type. Replace all batteries at the same time with the same brand and type. Store in a cool and dry location away from metal objects. Keep out of reach of children. Keep batteries in original packaging until ready for use. Do not carry batteries loose in your pocket or purse. Drained batteries should be removed and disposed of properly. Remove batteries from devices if they are not used for an extended period, unless it is for emergency equipment. Do not remove the battery label. Failure to read and follow these safety instructions could result in explosion, leakage or other hazard, causing personal injury and/or property damage.
Powerowl AAA rechargeable batteries don’t contain Hg/Cd/Pb, no pollution to the environment.
Powerowl AAA rechargeable batteries are of high impact resistance, high abrasion resistance and high security.

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Maximum Power – Allmax Batteries are premium grade, high-capacity alkaline batteries built with EnergyCircle Technology to supply maximum power to your electronic devices.
Ultra Long-Lasting – Allmax Batteries are competitive among leading brands with ultra long-lasting power and performance for high-drain, low-drain, and outdoor devices.
10-Year Shelf Life – Allmax Batteries are always fresh, made within one year of purchase, and will maintain optimal power for up to 10 years in proper storage.
Environmentally Safe – Allmax Batteries are leak-proof and free of mercury, cadmium and lead so they are completely safe for the environment and daily use, and your electronic devices are always protected.
Device Compatible – Allmax Batteries are perfectly compatible with devices such as remote controls, flashlights, wireless mice and keyboards, toys, digital cameras, game consoles, clocks, fire sticks, blood pressure monitors, toothbrushes, flameless candles, radios, wireless headsets, shavers, CD players, pagers, PDAs, LED lights, and portable audio devices.


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