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  • Comes in a resealable pouch
  • Fat free; seasoned croutons
  • Made with whole grains


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A family favorite, our Rothbury farms croutons are also available in a fat free variety. These traditional cut croutons made with bread baked fresh from the oven that’s been toasted to just the right crispness have onion and garlic baked right into the bread to deliver the entire flavor you want without the added fat. With no artificial flavors or preservatives and always zero grams trans fat, Rothbury farms fat free seasoned croutons are the right choice for all your salads, soups, stuffing’s, and casseroles or even just as a snack. Located west of the Grand River in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, we began baking fresh pies in 1923. Then, as the depression and the lifting of prohibition combined to cut the demand for pies, we responded to the changing market by shifting our production to bread and other fresh bakery products. Our success is attributed not only to our specially baked bread, but also to our high quality and strict purity standards. We take great pride in what we do and use only the finest ingredients to create the best product we can. We use canola oil, a healthy trans fat free oil, to make our croutons, and have been for years. This in turn distinguishes us as an innovative, high quality producer. We believe what we do best we do better than any competitor worldwide.


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