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  • 100% complete & balanced
  • 4 flavours mixed in
  • Stuffed Morsels and Crunchy Bits your cat will love.

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Kaboodle With The Cat Kit ‘N Kaboodle Original Medley is filled with two stuffed morsels and two crunchy bits making it a medley. Kit ‘N Kaboodle comes in delicious flavors like Chicken, Beef, Ocean Fish and Turkey. Kit ‘N Kaboodle Original Medley Two stuffed morsels and two crunchy bits 100% complete nutrition for your cat Comes in four ritzy shapesAvailable in different sizes of – 3.5lb, 7lb and 16 lb. A Closer Look: Kit ‘N Kaboodle Original Medley is very tasty and also a lot of fun to eat. It is the stuffed, snazzy-shaped, full of flavor, crunchy bites that your cat will absolutely enjoy eating. Made specially for: Cats of all breeds and life stages. Free of: Harsh Chemicals



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