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  • The official bake-off contest flour
  • Ideal for bread baking
  • Made from hard spring wheat

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Glad You Asked? What Is Bread Flour? Pillsbury Best Bread Flour Is Made From Hard Spring Wheat And Contains A Higher Percentage Of Protein Than Regular All Purpose Flour. How Can I Use Bread Flour? Bread Flour Is Ideal For Bread Baking. It Can Be Directly Substituted For All Purpose Flour In Yeast Bread Recipes. With This Substitution, You Should Knead The Dough About 10 Minutes, Let It Rest 15 Minutes Before Shaping And Allow For A Longer Rise Time. Pillsbury Best Bread Flour Combines Well With Whole Wheat And Rye Flour. Up To Half Of The Bread Flour In A Recipe Can Be Replaced With Whole Wheat Or Rye Flour.

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