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  • Evaporated milk is real fresh milk, which hasbeen gently heated to remove about half thewater
  • Carnation will add a rich creamy taste to all your favorite recipes.
  • CARNATION Milks have filled America’s pantries for over 100 years.

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Item Description Make your special recipes creamier with the Carnation Vitamin D Added Evaporated Milk. Made from milk with half the water removed, it is thicker and creamier than milk, and its low-fat content makes it a perfect replacement for cream in your favorite recipes. As a source of vitamins D3 and C, this evaporated milk will be a great choice for making delicious meals and treats. The Carnation evaporated milk is available in a convenient 12-ounce can. Carnation Vitamin D Added Evaporated Milk: Kosher dairy Real

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